Sesame Wallet

  • App Interface Design
  • Bespoke Design
  • Custom Illustrations

Iabsis approached Bond Media with a specific need: The development of an interface design for a cutting-edge web3 wallet. This wallet serves as a secure repository for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, optimised for seamless usage on mobile devices.

To ensure a smooth user experience, we strategically positioned clear call-to-actions throughout the interface. These actionable prompts guide users intuitively, enhancing engagement and interaction. Moreover, we recognised the significance of brand coherence. By integrating consistent brand icons across the applications, we fortified the identity of Iabsis, establishing a visual unity that resonates with users. In the end, our collaboration resulted in a mobile interface that transcends mere functionality, elevating into an engaging and user-centric experience.

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Bond developed a clear, easy to understand app interface for us in just 6 days – this has proved to be very popular with our stakeholders and members and we are very satisfied with the result.
Tobias Kuster - Director