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Apex Parking needed a website that could effectively showcase their portfolio of owned car parks and provide insightful case studies highlighting their past projects.

The Brief

Apex Parking needed a website that could serve as a dynamic showcase for their portfolio of owned car parks. Additionally, they wanted the website to feature informative case studies on their previous projects. Their goal was to have an online platform that not only highlights their expertise but also provides valuable insights into their work.

The Solution

We successfully delivered an all-encompassing website for Apex Parking, effectively combining portfolio showcasing and an integrated online payment system for car park fees. We designed the portfolio section, categorising car parks by location and size, providing a user-friendly interface with detailed descriptions and high-quality visuals. The case studies section featured detailed narratives and testimonials, highlighting Apex Parking's capabilities.  The website's responsive design and intuitive navigation enhanced user experience. Rigorous testing and staff training were conducted before launch, guaranteeing seamless functionality and easy content management. 

Colour Palette

The choice of a blue and black colour palette for the website design was a deliberate decision to align with Apex Parking's brand image and goals. Blue was selected for its associations with trust and professionalism, crucial for a parking management company, while charcoal added an element of elegance and sophistication, positioning Apex Parking as a premium service provider. This colour scheme not only ensured visual consistency with the brand's offline materials but also enhanced user-friendliness and readability. Overall, the blue and charcoal tones were strategically chosen to reinforce trust, professionalism, and brand consistency, ultimately contributing to an appealing and cohesive online presence for Apex Parking.


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The website for Apex Parking was equipped with a range of essential features designed to enhance user experience and efficiency. We incorporated a comprehensive portfolio showcasing system, allowing easy categorisation of car parks by location and size, and included detailed descriptions and high-quality visuals. Additionally, the case studies section featured in-depth narratives and client testimonials to highlight Apex Parking's capabilities. An integral aspect was the secure online payment system, which we integrated with Stripe and accommodated various payment methods for convenience. The responsive design and intuitive navigation ensured seamless user interactions across devices. 

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Bond Media were very professional & efficient in building our corporate website. Would definitely recommend the service!
Ben - Director